Content Marketing

Content Marketing is primarily about publishing content on the web.

These contents may be on your website or on social networks or other sites. There are several types of content:

  • Textual,
  • Visual (image, infographic, SlideShare, …),
  • Video and/or sound.

All these contents are obviously indexed by search engines like Google.

At Mestar Digital Blog, we give you many free quick tips to set up like:

  • How to write well for the web?
  • Where can I find free and royalty free images to illustrate your blog posts?
  • What types of videos about your business create for YouTube and your blog? …

With original, high-quality content on your website, your business maximizes its chances of finding new growth opportunities.

Content Marketing is the cornerstone of Digital Marketing.

Indeed, original web content carries the values of your company. This makes the visitors of your website or blogs more easily convinced of the benefit of the offer of products and services of your company.

Discover our articles on writing and publishing well engaging and attractive web content.

golden rules of content writing

The 10 golden rules of content writing

An effective web editor must follow several golden rules to achieve its SEO and customer satisfaction goals. Here are ten golden rules that any web editor should follow. 10 golden rules to follow to be an effective web editor, achieve your SEO goals and satisfy your customers.