expired domains for seo

One of the main reasons for owning an expired domain is the authority it has as an established site. In SEO, the importance of backlinks is critical to properly position your company’s website on Google’s results pages.

As a reminder, a backlink is a link on another website pointing to yours.

It is undoubtedly the most time-consuming and challenging activity of SEO on the Internet. It’s so true that it has its unique denomination: the Off-page SEO.

Since the update of Google, called Panda, it is strongly discouraged to buy these essential backlinks.

Moreover, it helps to obtain backlinks naturally as Google specifies that.

But what if you buy a domain name that has already “served” itself with backlinks?

That’s the question I have been asked much time from people passionate about Digital Marketing and SEO.

In this article, I will present to you the advantages of choosing an expired domain to develop better your SEO that I have learned during my SEO journey.

What is an expired domain?

An expired domain is a domain name that has not been renewed by its owner for any reason.

Some companies abandon these domain names because they have gone bankrupt or are being bought by a large group that does not have the same name.

Anyway, this domain name becomes immediately available for who wants to pay the few dollars needed to seize it.

For example, some expired domains face fierce competition because they have many advantages.

Choosing an expired domain has many advantages …

expired domains for seo

Do you understand?

An expired domain has a previous history on the internet, and the goal is to build on its strengths.

So, with an expired domain, you can:

  • Recover and transfer traffic from domain backlinks, Google results in pages …
  • You support this area as part of a network of sites,
  • More natural to position yourself in 1st place,
  • Benefit from the promotion that some people make on the forums.

In practice, you can use these expired domains in a Natural Referencing (SEO) logic, without forgetting to set up 301 redirects so that the traffic of this domain is redirected to your leading site. Thus, it recovers the traffic and also benefits from the links juice.

For an entrepreneur, choosing an expired domain as the primary domain name of your site is an opportunity, to begin with, ahead starts over your competitors.

Indeed, any expired domain has a history.

This history consists of links that will help the new owner to be more easily positioned on queries in an organic SEO strategy.

As a reminder, the more a domain links count that point to it, called RD or Referring Domains, the more critical its authority is.

In this way, if the new owner wishes to position himself on competitive queries, he will arrive there more quickly than another contractor having bought a new fresh domain name without “lived,” all things being equal.

The example of  llatech.com

LifeLine Associates was a company in charge of counseling professionals looking for a career change.

The company offers the most extensive and personalized career search possible.

During the business activity, each professional candidate looking for a career change posted their website portfolio. And of course, all these sites quickly have many backlinks.

But the company went out of business and their domain name is not anymore useful for the owners who do not renew their subscription with their registrar.

For example, today the domain name www.llatech.com has been reconverted for a guide around blogging and technology guides.

Redeeming the domain name with so much visibility is rather rare. But, whatever the domain expired, with a little luck, the previous owner used SEO techniques. Thus, automatically, you have the history of backlinks on the domain.

Expired domains thus have significant advantages in order to save time in their SEO strategy.

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How to buy an expired domain?

expired domains for seo

Some internet platforms have specialized in the identification and auctioning of domain names that have not been renewed.

This is called the drop-catching.

According to Definitions Marketing, domain name drop-catching is a technique for mass recovery of expired domain names that can then be resold for SEO purposes, brand protection policies, monetization logic or even for regular use.

A few years ago, it was easy to buy an expired domain name with an exciting volume of quality backlinks.

Some platforms quickly understood the potential.

They have thus monopolized this market by buying the most promising areas as soon as they are not renewed.

Then, the highest bidder wins the domain name through a basic auction system.

In short, a bit like eBay, you are bidding on a domain name.

Bonus: if you identify a domain name not present on these reseller sites, you can check its availability and find the owner’s details on:

  • the whois of the site,
  • Or on domain name testers available at all hosts.

If you are lucky, you can find some rare pearls.

Otherwise, here are three domain search engines expired:

Know the past of an expired domain

expired doamins for seo

Once you have selected the expired domain names that interest you, before you purchase them, make sure the site is still indexed.

On the Archive.org site, you see the old content of the site on previous years, if it was used for an e-commerce or for any other use.

Then check the links on this domain, because this is the primary benefit of acquiring an expired domain name.

Other elements are to be taken into account:

  • His Domain Authority that you measure with Moz’s free tool,
  • Its indicators on Alexa: the rank of the domain name,
  • His data on SEMRush: the analysis of the old traffic, the keywords positioned, the existing backlinks.

My advice:

The difference between the Trust Flow and the Citation Flow calculated by Majestic SEO should not be relevant:

  • The Citation Flow is a score between 0 and 100 to measure the value of links or the “potential” of a site or a link,
  • The Trust Flow designates a score of 0 to 100 indicating the level of quality

Indeed, so that Google does not penalize you, the links must be of quality, without having practiced “mass linking.”

Also, the distribution between the nofollow and dofollow backlinks must be balanced. Indeed, you can broadcast link juice, but sparingly.

Finally, as always, the anchors must be optimized; otherwise, you will suffer a penalty.

Note: be careful that domain names have not been spammed. Indeed, by checking the past of a domain name, you guard against any possible manipulation of a domain name. Your site may have been blacklisted SEO techniques and may have suffered a Google penalty at some point.

Buy an expired domain, and after …?

Once your website is set up on the expired domain name, check what was said on the forums. Internet users may have spoken previously about your new brand, the one carried by the expired domain that you have just acquired.

This is an opportunity to restart the conversation and invite them to visit your new site.

You can also contact blog authors to invite them to update the link to your site.

Then, use this expired domain to create a new website or blog for an e-commerce site.

In this way, you attract traffic with textual content, and you use it to direct it to your e-commerce site.

Thus, you position your second site on the niche of the main site. Some publishers rely on this technique to strengthen the position of the company in their field of activity.

Conclusion on the SEO benefits of buying an expired domain

For the summary, before buying a domain, I advise you to check:

  • The age of the domain,
  • The number of referring domains
  • As well as the quality of incoming links.

I am not very fond of this kind of practice. Always afraid that the image of the expired domain is harmful to my brand or that visitors to the old site arrive on mine and leave immediately by lowering my bounce rate.

Never forget that your SEO goal is to conquer new customers and therefore qualified traffic.

Anyway, when you buy a domain name (expired or not), it is essential to check its history. Without knowing it, you can buy a domain name that has already been used.

Have you already purchased an expired domain name? What are your returns?