The world of content marketing is constantly evolving: new tools and new technologies are emerging, strategies are evolving to scan old ones, etc.

We understand that a content strategy to remain effective and competitive you must take into account all these changes so that you can adapt, here are the trends that will mark the year 2019.

While some persist over the years, new trends are arriving and may transform the marketing sphere.

1. Content at the service of customer satisfaction

Content marketing already covers a variety of needs.

Sales teams use the content to optimize their speech and improve their relationship with their customers.

Recruiters attract the best candidates by publishing good content where these are located.

Managers use content to show the authority of their brand.

For 2019, a new goal is entering: Customer satisfaction.


Customer Satisfaction

The content must henceforth bring the best-added value to consumers over products and services sold for the sole purpose of providing them with satisfaction.

You will need to use the content to show buyers the optimal uses they can make of your product or service, thus encouraging them to see only the positives.

2. Content sharing, the success factor

You may well have the best content that it would be useless if it is not seen by anyone.

Keeping up to date with the latest trends on social networks to optimize your sharing is a good thing, but these platforms are only the tip of the iceberg.

Content sharing

You could make your physical content for some of your products or opt for an audio version?

You need to be creative about how to bring your content to your audience.

3. The snack content gives way to longer content

There was a time when the snack content was trendy because adapted for distribution on social networks.

But times are changing, the expectations of Internet users as well as Google’s SEO criteria are changing. All want quality content from trusted sources.


This does not mean that you should stop producing short content, but rather that you need to incorporate longer content forms into your strategy.

A study conducted by BuzzSumo has also revealed that long articles were more shared on social networks. Do not be afraid to reach 2000 words!

Keep in mind, however, that your information must have remained useful and of high quality. It will be through these efforts that you will be an authority.

4. Content is diversifying

You have certainly noticed that videos are taking a considerable value in marketing. Some even predict that this format will reach 82% of global traffic on the Internet by 2021.

Your content marketing strategy should not only include written content, but other formats should also be used:

  • The webinars
  • The podcasts
  • The live stream
  • The presentation or demonstration video

Diversifying Content

This variety of content will help you reach a wider audience and increase the commitment of the audience.

5. Voice search, a new factor in content marketing

Web surfers and mobile users are more and more enthusiastic about voice search and audio content.

If you want to surf on this trend you will have to optimize your website and adapt your SEO strategy to answer voice search requests.

In terms of content, you will have to integrate audio formats and pay attention to the words used, even in your articles and advertisements.

6. The emergence of chatbots

The advances made in artificial intelligence and machine learning have allowed chatbots to become more democratic. More and more companies are eager to use these robots to personalize their
communication with their audience and increase their engagement.

A quality chatbot is able to answer open questions and adopt a natural language. It becomes a great tool to achieve customer support: available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always
courteous and friendly, never impatient.

In front of so many benefits, you should reconsider the use of chatbots in your content marketing strategy for 2019.

7. Authenticity Matters

A study by PwC revealed the importance of consumers trusting a brand in their purchasing decisions.

Whatever interactions you have with your audience, online or in person, they must contribute positively to your brand.

More than ever, you must be honest and genuine in your communication. This will allow you to attract customers who really want to be by your side and who will contribute to the success of
your brand.

8. Increasingly personalized content

Today is no longer a surprise when you see your first and last name in an email.

This small touch of personalization is widely used, but even if it is always a pleasure for the consumer it is not enough for a brand.

personlized content

You need to bring accurate and personalized answers to your audience.

To achieve this you can take a look at Netflix, which offers and recommends movies and series based on what the user has been watching. Amazon is also an expert in content customization.

For your part, you will have to choose the right criteria to segment your audience and distribute your content to the right people at the right time.

9. Data analysis becomes more complex

Which says the more elaborated content the more complex analysis.

For 2019 you will have to go further than just the number of page views or conversion rates. In addition to the generated the traffic you will have to try to analyze:

  • The click rate on a title to define its performance
  • The depth of the scroll to know if your content has been read to the end
  • The degree of involvement of your readers, consumers, etc.

In the case of articles, if you have multiple authors do not hesitate to make comparisons to determine which is the most requested by the readers.

10. SEO remains the biggest battle

2019 will be no exception: SEO will remain your biggest fight and in your line of sight you must have position 0 on Google.

Optimized content for voice search, quality backlinks or compliance with Google’s E-A-T criteria are all notions and parameters to take into account to improve and optimize your SEO.

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