Customer experience is the matter that deals with the optimization of the contacts that take place between the customers and the company emanations. That is to say, everything that bears your name, corporate colors, and the brand in general. As a result, the work that takes place at this juncture also invests everything related to online activity, such as website and social media presence.

In defining more carefully the concept of customer experience (also known as CX) encompasses the set of activities, memories, and sensations – therefore direct and indirect experiences – that the customer has of your corporate essence. It is clear that in this balance also those who deal with web marketing must be inserted to optimize the results. How? How to move to?

Customer experience: what is it and what is it for?

Working on optimizing the customer experience allows you to get real results. In reality, the first useful step is the one related to the brand. A website that takes care of the relationship with those who buy, book or accepts the quote that is presented in such a way as to pamper the user. Isn’t this the essential point of inbound marketing? After the sale, you have to delight.

To make them buy again and suggest your name to other potential customers. Improving customer satisfaction is also a precise goal of your web marketing work, and those who deal with the design or texts of a portal must not only evaluate the impact of the user experience. Focusing on the customer, on the people who have already chosen your brand, is important.

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How to improve the online customer experience

Implementing the pages is not easy; the concept of customer experience can embrace different sectors. How to optimize the CX of a job? One of the most critical areas is related to upload times compared to web pages. How long does it take for a page to load? According to Hotjar’s research waiting is the main leading cause of frustration (not only on the web).

Think about who manages e-commerce and needs to simplify the buying process. Do you think it is an excellent solution to allow people to wait over 5 or 6 seconds to arrive on a check out page? Speeding up the loading of pages is one of the ways to follow, but it is not the only one. People are also annoyed by employees who do not understand the requests.

Then there are the problems not addressed and not resolved; for this reason, the customer care service on social and chat rooms should be well educated, aligned to the user’s needs. The chatbot may not always be the solution. Are you sure it can answer all the questions without failing a shot? The fourth reason for intolerance concerns the excess of automation.

CX and optimization: how to get online?

Those who work with experiential marketing, an approach dedicated to enhancing the user within the purchasing process, focus on five sensorial dimensions. I’m talking about Strategic Experiential Module or SEM, which is the essential junctions to take as a reference to an action strategy related to the customer experience. Here are the steps:

  • Sense: sensory perception.
  • Feel: feelings and emotions.
  • Think: cognitive processes.
  • Act: actor’s activity.
  • Relate: interactions.

These are the most important action plans for customer experience optimization. I’ll give you a concrete example: in the previous paragraph, I dealt with the topic of Messenger bots and the need to have a more human approach. Because a mechanical language involves the user from the point of view of cognitive processes, it invites him to think that on the other side there is not a person.

Coming to hypothesize that the brand is not attentive to the contact because it inserts a bot. How can the problem be solved? Using a copy in the chatbot’s responses that take advantage of the irony.

Firstly the bot on Messenger, or other chats, can be presented as such. They are thus reducing the friction that takes place when the user discovers that there is no human interaction in the conversation.

Whoever writes answers can ask the copy to use irony, jokes, and jargon that reduce the distance between the writer and the law. Of course, such work needs time and effort. But if you want to work on the customer experience, this is the way.

How do you work? Have you optimized your web presence?

Needless to say, how important it is to have a customer experience analysis approach. Don’t just think about optimizing sales and increasing conversions. You must treat your clients in such a way that encourages them to return. And in this process, you can’t afford to lose oversights.