choosing a domain name for your business

Domain name selection for a business is crucial nowadays when everything is now played on the web. And for good reason, the way your audience designates you and the way your customers identify you today are as important in the ‘real world’ as on the internet. It is therefore advisable not to choose the latter lightly. Are you looking for your future domain name? Do not panic: Calgary SEO & Webdesign Agency is here to guide you …

Top companies like IKEA, Google, Volkswagen, Tesla, FedEx, KFC, Lego or HP around the world that no one today cannot ignore. But have you ever wondered what would have become of them if they had not chosen to call each other as they did? If they had not opted for color codes or logos that we all know today? If the very essence of what made their signature had been different? It might have been otherwise, success depending sometimes on a tiny detail …

And since it is impossible today to count without the Internet to promote a unique brand, it is a new detail not to be chosen lightly: it is your domain name. From the latter can actually flow the success story or the failure of your business.

The following five tips should help you to not go wrong in the process of choosing your domain name!

1. Your top priority for choosing a domain name

Choosing the domain name of your website is the first step in starting your online business. You must think of it from the very beginning! Do you want to know Why? Because it would be too stupid to have spent hours, days, weeks or even months on a project to realize at the last moment that the name of your company and its extension (s) are already taken on the internet. That alone will hurt all your projects!

So we can not advise you to find and register the domain name of your choice before going further.

2. Be open-minded, show creative talent

You still have to choose the right one! to do that I strongly suggest to take a sheet of paper and a pencil and put all the ideas that come to your mind. Leave the sheet of your proposals and come back to it later. Do not limit yourself: let your mind go free!

3. Think long-term and think big

Take the time to find a domain name that will not limit you in the future.

If you later want to multiply your locations, be careful not to opt for a domain name including the name of the city in which you are currently located. If you do not exclude the idea of later marketing other services, other products, be careful not to focus on one of them in the title of your domain name.

In short, do not put yourself in a barrier: aim far and great!

4. Choose wisely your domain name extension (s)

In the same vein, do not hesitate, if you want to establish your business in different countries, to select the corresponding extensions for each. Also consider a .net, .org and .info for you domain brand extensions. This will also prevent you from being stolen by competitors or domain resellers people, who will not hesitate to sell them to you at a golden price once you show the need …

5. Ask or Get help

Do not hesitate to ask the opinion of your entourage or, better, of people have already gone through this process. Some tools will also allow you to provide one or the other suggestion. Maybe try Shopify business name generator.

Anyway, do not hesitate to take the necessary time for selecting your domain name. The choice of your domain name, to remind you again, will have consequences for the future of your business. We wish you all the best and Good luck in your journey to find the perfect domain for your business venture!