How to evaluate your seo


SEO is relatively unclear for may marketing professionals and an abstract marketing and customer acquisition lever. Indeed, it contains a part of ‘chance’ related to the goodwill of Google and other search engines to put forward your website or not. Fortunately, there are criteria that can show if you are going in the right direction in your SEO strategy. Discover 4 criteria to evaluate your SEO with Great Northern Marketing Calgary Local SEO.

SEO traffic is traffic coming from search engines

With traffic analysis solutions like Google Analytics, for example, it’s easy to determine traffic that comes directly from search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. This shows you which pages of your site are ranking higher or best positioned and possibly the keywords search volume for this page.

Organic traffic will increase with the improvement of your SEO and your positions on the search engines. If you see an upward trend on one or more pages, it’s because your efforts are paying off. By analyzing each page or section of your website, it will be possible to know if your blog attracts more traffic compared to the home page or the products pages. You can then optimize each landing page.

Positioning on search engines

Obviously, your positions on search engines can confirm or deny the SEO efforts you have put in place. It is necessary to create regular reports to correct or deepen your SEO strategy. This forbidding action is often neglected. In addition, these ranking reports are not necessarily obtained following the rules.

In order to obtain positions that make sense, it is essential to make use of SEO tools. Search engines take into account your profile, recently visited sites and other data to provide a ‘personalized SERP’. By using position tracking tools like semrush or ahrefs, you will get more accurate data, closer to reality.

Remember that positioning yourself on a single keyword is not a good strategy. You have to target several keywords and evaluate the visibility of your pages on the SERP compared to Adwords ads for example. By betting on several keywords, you bring more stability to your acquisition of traffic.

The engagement of the Internet users of your site

The engagement of the Internet users of a website makes it possible to understand their expectations and their way of navigating on your site. This criterion is difficult but essential to be taken into account in an SEO strategy. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Which landing page the user got to reach the site? (The page where the user entered the site)
  • What is the bounce rate?
  • How long did the user stay on average?
  • How many pages does he visit?
  • Is the user a new visitor or a former visitor?

SEO does not stop with positioning on search engines. This expertise also involves thinking about navigation and the relevance of the traffic. The engagement of the end user during the navigation can make it possible to evaluate an SEO strategy.

Revenue or leads generated

Almost all websites have a business dimension to their goals. Generating profit by giving value is the name of the net game after all. In a hard currency or in qualified leads, the website must be at the service of your business and your sales.

By setting your goals on Google Analytics, it is possible to evaluate the revenue or leads generated via your website. SEO must provide qualified traffic through targeted queries and facilitate conversion through smooth navigation and engaging content.

As an SEO providers agency, we integrate the ‘Business’ dimension into our strategies in order to boost the return on investment in an SEO strategy. It is vital to evaluate a very large number of criteria to know the relevance of a strategy and make improvements. Consult with us!