How to generate qualified traffic to your website

A website without traffic is a bit (much?) Like a shop that would be empty or a newspaper that has no reader: it’s useless! But if traffic is the sap of a website, it must be that it is of good quality. In this article, I will answer the question that many of you are asking yourself: How to generate qualified traffic to your website?

To attract readers who could become your customers on your website, there are some unavoidable conditions to fulfill. Here are, in a few words, what I recommend to optimize the acquisition of traffic or even conversion rates.

1 – Know the questions your targets are asking

We talk about it regularly on this blog. But trying to interest a surfer without knowing the question he asks is a venture, to say the least risky. Indeed, we know that the vast majority of Internet users arrive on the Internet to find the answer to a specific question or need.

In B2B, more than 93% of buyers or the like start their search for a new supplier by Google. In other words, those who will be perfectly able to answer the questions of these buyers will have much more chance than others to make customers.

It is essential to know the intentions of the targets you are trying to attract in your nets if you want to turn them into customers!

And on the Web, these intentions are represented by queries entered in Google, or other search engines, by Internet users. And Google has memory, a lot of memory. Just know how to talk to him nicely so that he shares what he knows …

Less and less accurate queries

Contrary to popular belief, the requests made by online users are less and less accurate. Thus, in 2008, 44.63% of requests had a single word whereas in 2016 there was 61.70%. It is therefore increasingly difficult to know the intentions of online users only by analyzing the queries they type.

2 – Build your relevant answers in different formats

Once you know the intentions of your targets, then start building your answers. These answers can take many forms: articles, photos, computer graphics, podcasts, videos, etc … but they must be relevant and precise.

Put yourself in the place of the user who landed on one of your pages with a question in mind. He wants to get a quick, detailed answer, clear and easily understandable.

These answers that you will be able to put forward your know-how, even your offers. But do not forget the goal of the user: he wants an answer, not you buy a product or a service!

The relevance of your answers must evolve depending on the purchase path

Depending on where it is in its purchase decision process, the famous shopping journey, a user will not ask the same questions. You will have to adapt your answers to this course. Only at the last stage, when the decision to buy is imminent, can you have a more commercial speech.

This is the goal of happy marketing. 

The importance of content creation

You now understand why content is so important. It must be worked seriously and you must know how to optimize its efficiency both to position your articles on search engines (SEO) to convince your readers.

3 – Publish your answers where your targets are located

Now you know the questions your target faces. And you have published as many relevant answers (I know, it’s starting to do a lot). Of course, each of these answers corresponds to a moment of the purchase journey.

But how to make these answers be known? Where to disseminate them?

Identify the best channels of acquisition

By studying the intentions of users with precision, you can also acquire other data: search volumes, costs by clicks, etc … By bringing these data closer to your CAC (Acquisition Cost Client) and your business objectives, you will be able to define which are the best acquisition channels, which ones will be the most profitable, those which will guarantee you a positive ROI.

Thus, it will not be worth sprinkling all the Web, all the keywords and all the social networks. All you have to do is work the profitable channels where your targets are, and only those. You will hold your marketing strategy!

By doing this, you will only target audiences that interest you. You will qualify the traffic on your website.

4 – Generate qualified traffic on your website

Here we come to the main chapter and you already have the solution! I recap for the back of the class.

  • We identify the intentions really expressed by the Internet users;
  • Relevant content is built to respond accurately;
  • This content is broadcast where the targets are, only if the channel concerned can generate a positive ROI;
  • And since we do not have the infused science, we analyze and correct;
  • And as the digital world changes very quickly, we monitor continuously.

5 – Inbound marketing to explode your conversions

The method of work that I described above is a variant of inbound marketing, an important part of digital marketing. If you use it properly, you will inevitably see your prospects come out on your site and your conversion rates soar …