2019 comes with many changes in SEO. You can not ignore them if you want to continue to appear at the top of search results.

2019 is at your door and you still do not appear at the top of the searches of Internet users?

It’s time to change strategy by getting ahead of Google’s changes. This is your best chance to improve your SEO and surpass your competitors.

Let’s discover together the 5 SEO trends to anticipate today!

1. Predictive SEO

In general, you are looking for the trends of the moment to produce content.

But did you know that writing on topics that will be trendy a little later increases your SEO? This allows you to gain a competitive advantage in crowded niches.

Produce content by anticipating certain situations, in order to put you in the best position when large volumes of research are going to fall.

For example, why wait for the month of July to write about the best practices of the summer? From April, start writing on the subject … The time that natural referencing works, you will be in pole position in July and August, when the queries will be the strongest

2. Content aggregation

Content aggregation is an optimization method for search engines that simply revolves around changing the structure of your site.

Did you know? Google’s current algorithms reward sites that produce content that is all focused on specialized topics.

Instead of favoring keywords, try to gather your content around a theme (or sub-theme) by changing the structure of your blog. Modify the menus, create pages that group items in a folder …

Google will understand your site better, which will increase your visibility in the search engines.

3. The power of Google My Business

Do you have a local business or a locally anchored business? Think of Google My Business to improve your local SEO. You will appear better in geolocated searches.

In addition, a Google My Business listing provides additional visibility to your website, which drives more traffic to your site. It also allows you to offer another point of contact with your business, which increases your lead acquisition rate.

4. The importance of a video marketing strategy

A video strategy is essential to improve your visibility on search engines in 2019.

To begin, a video holds your visitors 2 minutes more on your website. Now, this is a factor taken into account by Google’s algorithms to rank you.

A study has also shown that this type of content increases the conversion rate by 20%. Once again, a successful site is well seen by Google. It will tend to get you back into the search results.

Finally, the search engine includes a video tab. It also tends to bring some back in the first results. So it’s a chance besides appearing in the requests of Internet users.

5. Multichannel SEO

Use SEO best practices on all platforms!

Your website is just one place among others to reach your target audience. The online world is filled with places to develop your visibility: social networks, video sites, forums, external blogs …

On each platform where your company is present, use your keywords. Put them in your publications on social networks, use them in hashtags, add them in your interventions on the forums.

The more your brand is associated with a panel of expressions, the more Google can increase your visibility!

For 2019, it’s time to rethink your SEO! Do not hesitate to call a professional to help you optimize your strategy