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SEO For low Search Volume Queries

You may consider your self as lucky when the main keywords you are targeting have a high search volume for your services or your product and will get you more sales. However, if you are lunching a new product or a service, there is a high chance that most of the keywords you are going after will have a really low search volumes and low competition at the beginning. It is also possible that what you are offering a unique service that no one really knows about. whatever the case is, be assure that all this is a good advantage to your success. I will show you how to boost your SEO results when you are targeting these low search volumes for this product or service.

Begin working on the technical site structure

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your site does not have any technical issues that could interfere with your rankings. To do this follows the outlined steps below:

  • Begin by reviewing you site link profile to make sure it doesn’t have any broken or missing links.
  • Do your on-page internal link building for your site and connect your pages content in one unique chain.
  • Double check if the pages can be crawled and index by the search engine bots. To do this make sure there are no noindex, canonical tags, or robot.txt on the content that you are planing to rank for by google search engine.
  • Ensure your title and meta description tags are optimized and unique.
  • Setup your google analytic tracking properly to help you get your important data and make best decisions for your website performance.

Once this step is completed, you can then start performing your keyword research.

How to perform your keywords research

Start by thinking about the queries that are most important to your brand. Thing about what would the end user type in the search engines when looking for your service or your product? If you are a local business in the city of Calgary, you could consider hiring a SEO agency to help you with the keyword research and analysis. Once you complete you list of keywords, you can use a tool to find about the monthly search volume for each keyword and determine which ones are likely to convert. Select each query and match it to specific pages you have on your site. For example, you may have queries that send site visitors to a specific service pages and so on. If you notice that you don’t have some pages for other important queries you have selected, then in this case you will have to create a page specific for that each one.

When targeting shorter queries, one or two words, your best is to target your product page, home and about us pages. When targeting long term keywords or queries, more than three words, focus and target other pages like blog or FAQ.

Handling Information queries.

Sometimes visitors ask for more information before making a buying decision, you may consider in this case creating pages with content that is more informational and less promotional. Although is is not going to help with the conversion, but is will help you build and establish a relationship and best impression with the user. Gather strong relevant and appealing content that can answers the user’s queries. The main idea here is to position and establish your brand as a credible source of information and expert in your business field. For queries related to buying, consider targeting pages that are specifically designed to help generate conversions. You content then in this case can be related to encourage the user to make a buying decision as opposed to just giving him more information.