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Content Marketing

Content marketing is also known as an editorial strategy is a marketing strategy. Companies use this communication strategy to win new customers. Content marketing is also one of the pillars of Inbound Marketing.

It differs from marketing and traditional advertising by the tools used, such as storytelling and social networks. Content marketing focuses on communicating with customers and prospects. As with traditional advertising, it is possible to measure the return on investment of a content strategy (ROI).

“Content marketing is about creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistently valuable content to attract and gain a clearly defined audience. With the aim of transforming perfect foreigners into prospects, then into customers “.

Why useful content should be at the heart of your marketing?

To understand the usefulness of content marketing one must dive into the behavior of consumers. Consumers have created barriers against the traditional marketing world. They have a DVR to record movies in order to skip pubs, totally ignore ads in the press and magazines and have become so adept at “surfing online” that they manage to store information without paying attention advertising banners on the sites.

Smart marketers have realized that traditional marketing is becoming less efficient every minute and there must be a better way.

Content Marketing Ultimate Goal

The objectives of content marketing are to seduce and retain its audience by communicating an interesting message, the message must be relevant and high value. Your audience likes to follow you and is loyal because your content interests them and / or arouses curiosity.

The goal is to create and define content for different uses such as SEO, mailing, social networks, …

You have the opportunity to write text content, to insert videos, visuals, which will develop the emotional connections and thus the notoriety of your company. Emotional connections must emanate from sincere and real emotions and experiences. If you do, you lack naturalness and spontaneity and your audience may feel cheated and manipulated.

The benefits of content marketing

Creating unique content over time allows the company to be legitimate and credible while improving the SEO of its website. This method will enable you to acquire new prospects and remind old prospects that you are still there.

Besides, you continue to accompany them in their phase of reflection and maturation of decision. It is called also Nurturing Marketing; You maintain and strengthen a marketing relationship with your prospects “warm” or “cold.” We also use the term Lead nurturing, to designate the development of a relationship with opportunities. We offer them an offer adapted to their context and their level of interest in your products and services.

Content marketing is present at all stages of the consumer journey

So you have to have a content creation strategy that meets the different information needs of your potential buyers at each stage of the formation of their purchase decision.

Today, 80% of decision-makers in companies, and therefore in B2B, prefer to read a series of news articles about a company rather than an advertisement. Logic, no? They feel closer to a company that practices content marketing, which helps them make better decisions in their choice of buying products and services.

Think about it. What if your potential buyers and customers were eager to receive your marketing campaigns? If receiving your content by email, your blog or print, they spent 15, 30, or 45 minutes above? It would change the life of your business.

Well, that’s what companies can do that understand the value of content. Their sales force spends much less time prospecting and more time managing leads from their marketing strategy.

Content marketing is a hot topic and companies are using it more and more

The content marketing is an information content production strategy, it aims to promote the history, identity, and values of the company and its brand.

It can deliver informative, relevant and interesting content to a targeted audience using different forms and different vectors: blog, a website, ebook, white paper, newsletter, social networks …

Content Marketing is one of the strongest trends in web marketing, just like SEO, community management or AdWords campaigns.

As for the benefits of your business? Lead generation, traffic, SEO improvement, prospect recovery and “cold” customers, recognition of expertise (more legitimacy and credibility), increased web traffic, improved SEO, additional virality on social networks …

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