SEO Auditing

The SEO auditing process is an essential step to boost your Google SEO and define the axes of SEO improvement to take into account. This SEO analysis that will take place both technically and semantically will identify the keywords we must target in order to attract maximum traffic to your website.  Indeed, improving its natural referencing means that we understood what users were looking for and how our website could respond to these searches.

Referencing your website also means that the technical performance is optimized to provide an optimal user experience. It is in this register that our technical SEO auditing is inscribed, since we carry out this audit to evaluate the main technical factors taken into account for the SEO and by your users, in order to improve them quickly, like the loading time of your pages for example.


Our agency SEO Calgary mission is to collaborate as a partner with its customers here in Calgary and the North of Alberta to develop their turnover and reputation on the web. Be visible on Google and other search engines has become a critical component for the growth of your business because almost all internet users go through a search engine to browse the internet. The strength of our web agency Calgary is to adapt with each customer and set achievable goals that will benefit the increase of the turnover. Do not hesitate to contact the best agency SEO of Calgary, whether you live in Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, or Banf.


Mobile devices represent the first support to access the internet, hence the need to have your web site listed on Google and mobile. Our consultants in SEO will guide their analysis of SEO technical factors to improve the Google visibility of your website on mobile devices. For example, we’ll make the speed of your pages on the phone a priority to provide the best possible user experience. Also, our Calgary SEO agency will accompany you in the targeting of keywords on which position to improve your web positioning for search-specific mobile.


Our SEO agency in Calgary and our experts in SEO also place analysis SEO of your positions in Google and your traffic at the heart of their strategy, in order to measure the effectiveness of our actions. Work with a specialist in SEO means that SEO is custom made and presented to the customers every month to identify new growth opportunities.


Mestar Digital Firm focuses its web-referencing strategy around the pillars related to improving your website, the relevance of its content, and the user experience offered to visitors.

SEO Calgary Company

Working with our SEO agency in Calgary, our analyses SEO objective will be to identify the searches performed by internet users and your clients to specifically understand their search intent. Thus, by optimizing your content and navigation of web site by responding to the research of your audience, you’ll be able to come out in 1st position in Google and therefore be considered as the expert in your industry. Contact our agency SEO Calgary to understand how to search for your visitors on the internet and search engines.