In the digital age, smart devices are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. It’s has been a long time ago when mobile devices were only used to make calls. With the increasing number of users using the Internet, media consumption habits have undeniably changed. Today, telephone companies are facing a more dynamic need. This need is now paying off and becoming monetized: that of social networks.

Social networks are among the most important consumption among young adults. In 2011, 94.4% of Internet users aged 18 to 34 used social media, compared to 91.0% in 2012. The strong consumer demand is leading to a proliferation of mobile platforms and therefore an increasingly attractive market which challenges companies. They deploy their marketing strategies in a sector that reaches out to them.

How to stand out from your competitors in a market that is still raging today, and what are the strategies of the companies already involved?


Social networks are a great lever to let you know and this, through three factors:

  1. The reach of messages can have a snowball effect and be global in scope.
  2. Commitment to your messages.
  3. The influence you can enjoy in the communities where you interact actively.

In numbers: As of April 2018 Samsung company has more than 156 million subscribers on their Facebook fan page. Samsung images are ” loved ” by over 450,000 people on average and about 76,000 subscribers can share it. What to make jealous ….!

It is more than just a logo, the company now expresses itself through images, dialogue with its subscribers, interacts, creates contests … All the means are good to install a friendly atmosphere and humanize the image of the company.

Like Coca-Cola’s Facebook page it was created by two unhappy fans about the company lack of its presence on social media. The company took the opportunity to work with the fans which actively participated in building its Facebook page by sourcing most of its content from the fans and artists letting subscribers express themselves freely on a specific theme. The fans feedback has led the company to create viral storytelling content and has shaped the creativity of the company business. Shared photos illustrate the daily lives of fans which makes the site more alive.

Tip: It is essential to set the tone and an editorial line to make this word credible in order to target its clientele and segment its audience.


In just a few years, social media has become a crucial means for increasing site traffic. The two monsters and traffic aggregators would be here Facebook and Twitter. It is therefore quite possible to improve the number of visitors by sending a Facebook link to the site, which would encourage the most curious Internet users to go there.

Tip: Feel free to put network sharing buttons on your website too!


Today, Google places an important factor in website visibility based on content from social media. In addition, Google Analytics uses social media signals as indicators and prioritizes this information to determine the relevance of shared content information. Finally, Google Plus revolutionizes the social referencing and allows to bring a greater optimization of the website.


Social networks are good ways to promote a product or improve the sales of the company. Facebook has Facebook Adwords that allows to advertise and segment the target. But we can go further, some companies do not hesitate to make viral buzz through social networks to attract the attention of the consumer. And it works! That’s  how Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split featuring Jean Claude Van Damme advertising became a viral video

Tip: Make your efforts on Facebook and Twitter that are more important and easier to access.


Social media helps reduce the costs of recruitment, advertising, customer service. Indeed, publish a job posting on LinkedIn or Facebook, post a picture for the promotion of a product on Instagram, talk about the launch of an event on Twitter are now commonplace in the world of the web. They offer free and effective services to businesses.

Tip: Establishing your strategy is important. You should define each of your messages on a particular social network. The posting of a job opening has more of a place on LinkedIn than on Instagram.


The best way to decrypt the expectations of his audience is to collect opinions on a specific theme or observing their reactions on different topics. A greater knowledge of your customers allows you to offer personalized services and quality products that meet their needs perfectly. Maybe even that long-term, you will be able to anticipate the needs of your customers or identify a niche of new potential customers.

Tip: Give your customers the ability to interact with your social networks, by asking open-ended questions or better yet by sharing their opinion.

Prepare in advance your website’s strategy to get success with the numerous social media sites. Objectives, content management, publication of photos, language, and your editorial… Nothing should be left to chance to optimize the potential offers via social network communication campaigns!

Then, convinced of the usefulness of using social media in your company? Feel free to send us your comments and experiences and your turn to play now!