SEO periodic table 2019
Search Engine Land unveils its periodic table of SEO. Credits: Search Engine Land.
Search Engine Land publishes the new 2019 version of its periodic table of SEO.

Created for the first time in 2011, Search Engine Land’s periodic table of SEO is now being revamped. Previous versions focused on elements called “success factors”. This year, the specialized media has reviewed its ranking.

29 elements classified into 6 groups

The periodic table of the SEO 2019 integrates as well ”  fundamental elements, as those most toxic for an SEO strategy, indicates Search Engine Land, but also those representing sectors still emerging. With this infographic, we offer both long-time SEOs and industry newcomers insights into what’s important to succeed in SEO. ”

The elements of the table are classified according to 6 distinct groups:

  • content: which includes its quality, targeted keywords, and various formats (images, videos, etc.);
  • architecture: with great importance for the crawl, mobile optimization, speed of the site;
  • HTML: pay attention to titles, meta-descriptions, AMP pages …
  • trust: to be an authority in your field, to promote commitment and to pamper your reputation;
  • links: offer quality links, get backlinks and optimize your anchors;
  • users: value the locality of your visitors, work the user experience, etc.

In the right part of the table, Search Engine Land also classifies toxic elements to good SEO (cloaking, hiding keywords, stolen content or too intrusive) and emerging verticals.

Indices of improvement for each element
Each element is finally accompanied by a number ranging from -3 to +3, allowing them to be classified according to their degree of importance in SEO. The negative elements will thus seriously damage your strategy, while the positives will improve it.

Only emerging elements have no signs of improvement. Among them, we find voice control, the ever-increasing importance of images in the SERPs, video, and SEO for local businesses.

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