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Voice search SEO is already here! Many editors and bloggers will now consider voice searches and conversational exchanges via smartphones and voice assistants.

Voice search is already well established in our daily lives, especially through our smartphones, with the solutions offered by Apple, Microsoft, and Google to name a few. From now on, it will have to be integrated into the fundamentals of SEO.

Speech assistants are also in the game with Google Home which comes in several models, but also Homepod from Apple or Amazon and other manufacturers also offering their solutions. Research and conversational exchanges are at the door and in terms of SEO, it will change the approach of content more than the technique of SEO.

But above all, let’s define what is voice search SEO and take a look at the computer graphics proposed by lipsINDIA below.

What is voice search SEO?

Initially, SEO refers to search engine optimization, which aims to optimize the positioning of its content on search engines, and especially Google.

With voice SEO, linked directly to voice search, SEO experts will now have to consider voice search as a positioning and optimization factor. As voice search is increasingly used by online users via PCs, smartphones or voice-recognition tools such as Google Home, it will be necessary to optimize content in this sense.

Voice search SEO is thus based on spoken queries and no longer only entered on Google.

How to optimize SEO content for voice search?

SEO content optimization will have to consider the questions asked by users to their search queries. Basically, SEO from a technical point of view does not change, but the search engine optimizer should, however, consider that a user does not speak as he writes.

As a result, voice requests will generally be more structured and therefore longer. Thus, voice research will be mainly based on questions, of which there are some examples:

  • How to optimize my content for Google?
  • What are the fundamentals of SEO?
  • What is a meta description tag?

Queries entered by users on the Google search engine in comparison are usually linked to 2/3 words around a keyword, such as:

  • Optimize content
  • SEO fundamentals
  • Meta tag description

Queries entered on Google usually go to the basics when they do not require a refined search.

Should we review all our content for voice search SEO?

In my opinion, it will not be necessary to review all of its content but perhaps to provide more detailed answers to basic queries. Google is smart enough to understand the meaning of content and its title. It’s not a question mark that will lead Google to better reference your content.

However, if you provide a concrete answer to a query, Google will interpret that content as a relevant response. We must understand how Google interprets the content and work on the lexical fields of the words.

The content to be produced now can instead approach the principle question/answer but not systematically under penalty of (perhaps) lose relevance for the acquired audience. You have to know how to balance your content while thinking about vocal search SEO.

What drives us in any case, are these suggestions proposed by Google when entering a request.

Here is the example of a query entered: what is Search optimization?

what is search optimization

And that’s what Google offers as other questions asked about the subject:

Voice Search SEO – is it a new challenge? – Infographics

we discover elements of the response to the voice search with the main existing applications related to voice search SEO. As well as figures that will directly impact search engine optimization.

55% of teens are using voice search and 40% of Americans adults are already using it (according to Google). The voice search takes here all its meaning and it is a safe bet. This figure will increase considerably and spread to many countries quickly. (Image source from lipsindia)

voice search seo



Being able to answer sentences spoken by users of voice assistants will be the challenge for vocal search SEO!
Among the multiple skills of SEO, voice search will add to its many skills. Content optimization for search engines is taking a new turn now.


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