Google has said it and repeated it several times regarding a web speed test: the loading time of a site is an integral part of its algorithm. So it is one of the important factors that will make sure your site ranks well on the search engine. But it is also beneficial for the user experience. A site that is too long to load will cause the user to leave your page.

Tools to allow you to judge your site

The numbers show it: 3 seconds is the maximum time a page must take to load and allow the user to move smoothly on your site. Beyond that, the attention disappears and 25% of the users leave the page when the loading time is greater than 4 seconds. It is well known that on the internet, the user doesn’t have strong patience! We like when it’s going fast. A visit to a web page is between 30 and 60 seconds. It is therefore important to quickly capture the attention of the user. Regardless of the type of development of your site, via a CMS tool or a custom creation, you will need to optimize this detail in your strategy. That’s why we have found for you 4 free tools that will give you an idea of the loading time of your page.

Google PageSpeed Insights

It’s since 2010 that Google has clearly indicated that the loading time was taken into account in its algorithms. But Google is still nice, he developed a specialized tool for webmasters. The Google PageSpeed Insights tests and analyzes the performance of a page, for its mobile and desktop versions.

Page Speed for Mobile Site

Two out of 100 notes appear as a result of this test. The higher the number, the faster the site. Whether on a smartphone or desktop, Google also gives you some guidance to improve these performances. You can also go through your web agency to communicate the data and find the best solution.

2. Pingdom Website Speed Test

The reputation of this tool has grown rapidly over the years to make it a leader and one of the most complete of his generation. You can test different points of the world (USA, Australia or Sweden). We still recommend using the nearest point from here, namely the USA.

Pingdom Page Speed Report for Mestar Digital

Pingdom also gives you a score out of 100, which then breaks down into 12 different points and which it proposes to improve. The tool can also keep your various tests to see the good or bad developments that may have suffered your site. Not all results may be easy to interpret. You can submit them to us to check and explain more clearly the cause of the slowdown.

3. Metrix GT

Probably the best-known alternative of the Pingdom tool. GT Metrix is more affordable for beginners, who can read the results more easily. It combines the results of Google PageSpeed Insights and YSlow, Yahoo’s measurement tool (which requires installation).

GT Metrix Performance Report

Like the other tools, it gives 2 scores as a percentage (1 for Google PSI and 1 for YSlow) as well as the total time and the number of queries used. The only downside for GTmetrix, the test is done from Vancouver in Canada, which can skew the results.

4. WebPage Test

Created by an engineer from Chrome, Google’s web browser, the WebPage Test is for experts looking for more advanced answers. This open-source allows you to perform much more advanced tests, but also multi-step transactions, capture videos or blocking content.

Mestar Digital Web Page Performance Test 1

Mestar Digital Web Page Performance Test 2


How to reduce the web speed of my site?

There are several methods to make your site faster. These web speed tests highlight the main functions that slow down the system. A web agency such as ours can help you set up a strategy to optimize your site. Here are the main solutions that can relieve your site:

  • Reduce the weight of images
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or network of cache servers
  • Make CSS Sprites (video game technique, which consists of gathering multiple images in a single file
  • Limit the installation and use of plug-ins
  • Have a quality host

This is still a criterion that can be optimized when creating a website. its development, your web agency will apply to ensure that the loading time of the pages of your site is the least possible length.