Ahrefs website has recently published a comparative study of SEO results between sites built under Wix and WordPress. Not surprisingly, WordPress crushes Wix flat. But isn’t the study skewed from the start? …


Ahrefs website has recently published an interesting study that compares the Google visibility of sites made on WordPress compared to those built under Wix. Indeed, Wix drags for years a bad reputation (not to say worse) in terms of SEO, while WordPress has a rather diametrically opposite image.

Does this study reverse or change the facts? well, not at all. Ahrefs has analyzed 6.4 million domain names and has taken into account, for each of them, a certain number of KPIs (DR or Domain Rating, indicator “home”, links, traffic estimated, etc.) and compared them, detecting the CMS at the origin of their birth.

The overall results are quite clear: 46.1% of WordPress websites received significant monthly SEO traffic, compared to only 1.4% of Wix

Comparison of SEO traffic received by WordPress and Wix sites. Source: Ahrefs

Other comparisons:

  • The average DR for WordPress sites is almost 3 times higher than for Wix sites;
  • The average number of “dofollow” reference domains is more than 22 times higher for WordPress sites;
  • The average monthly organic traffic is about 49 times higher for WordPress sites.

Comparison of SEO traffic received by WordPress and Wix sites. Source: Ahrefs


The study analyzes a number of other elements. In a general way, WordPress crushes Wix flat in most of them. At the same time, it seems difficult to compare the two platforms because they do not have the same purpose: Wix is ​​rather a CMS for beginners, intended for people with very little knowledge on building a Website and even fewer skills about SEO. These sites will, therefore, most of the time, not at all optimized by default and their visibility will be logically very low. Wix is ​​a platform for beginners to learn, not to perform with a high goal of visibility.

While WordPress is most often (but not always, of course) used today by people (who sometimes come from elsewhere in Wix and want to go further) who have more knowledge and who will take more time to improve their pages, often with more SEO knowledge. The result will be, for the most part, better in terms of SEO.

Basically, Wix often starts and WordPress to transform the test. To compare what is not necessarily comparable will always give this type of result …